Crossroads Veterinary Clinic
Tip for the Month
Help your pet start the new year right!  Follow these tips
and advice to help your friend have a GREAT 2009!

Visit your veterinarian for an exam at least once a year if your pet is younger than 5
years old.

We recommend your pet comes in for exam once every 6 months if older than 5
years of age (pets typically age close to 7 times faster than humans)
                           Your 7 year old animal is approximately  50 years of age!

If your pet is older than 5 years of age---have baseline bloodwork done to
determine the health status of vital organs (liver, kidney, etc.)
                          Pets can't talk, so bloodwork and exams help identify problems
                          before  they become severe.

Keep your pets vaccinated.

Resolve to exercise your pet everyday. This can be walks with your dog, or playing
with toys for cats.

Make a commitment to oral health---dental disease is one of the leading causes of
diseases in geriatric (over 7 years old) patients.